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The Bon Vivant

Brand: Sleeping with Jacques

USD $460.00

A person who devotes themselves to a sociable and luxurious lifestyle
“she was a diplomat, bon vivant, and man eater par excellence”Made from Silk Velvet and finished with satin piped edging; once you slip into this there is no denying your inner hedonist. Indulge your pleasures, be wrapped in luxurious comfort and exude: boss.

The Bon Vivant is our signature piece. Made from silk velvet, with 2 x side pockets so all vices are conveniently stowed, 1 x breast pocket, a thick scarf collar and a sash belt. Pair with pants to match or wear on its own. So good you would want to wear it to bed, to the kitchen, heck even out to the shops and then to the local cocktail bar to say hi to your favourite bar tender.

Model wearing size XS / 0 . In colour way:  BLUSH
10% of profits from SLEEPING WITH JACQUES sales will go directly to supporting organisations for women in need.