One Day x Alias Mae: The Collaborative Shoe Collection

Challenging convention and pushing boundaries are at the very core of the One Day Bridal and Alias Mae’s brand DNA. Positioned at the top of their industries, One Day Bridal and Alias Mae have grown, shaped and influenced both the bridal and footwear industries respectively. The dynamic and influential partnership has made for a collaboratively designed collection, produced to the highest quality and unlike anything available within the market today. 


“Tom and I were aligned on design from our initial meeting. When we began designing the collection we both wanted a selection of shoes that aligned with our brand aesthetic and also something that could be worn beyond the wedding day.”

Kyha | One Day bridal


Kyha’s focus on fabric design and innovation, consistently disrupts bridal and fashion trends, her drive to push boundaries, break convention and inspire brides has resulted in the rapid growth of her two bridal brands, One Day Bridal and Chosen by One Day

Alias Mae are known and recognised for their fresh and unapologetic shoe designs. Founded by Tom Kirkhope, an extremely experienced shoe designer hailing from a family of shoe makers and an extensive career within the industry. Tom’s vast experience, technical knowledge and eye for detail has enabled the collaboration to be developed to the highest quality and executed to perfection. 

Bringing together their proficiencies and experience, both Founders were driven and inspired by customer insights and their passion for creation and innovation. Kyha and Tom describe the collection as effortless, modern and playful. Inspired by design elements within One Day Bridals gowns and features their exclusive crushed satin fabric, touches of pearls and metallic.


Designed with the modern woman in mind, ” the new collection incorporates our new exclusive crushed satin fabric and other design elements that perfectly compliment any look, bridal or not.”

-Kyha | One Day Founder and Designer


“Our collection is more fashion driven and with this range we decided to steer clear of the classic wedding shoe. The Australian market needs a fashion leader in bridal footwear.”

-Tom | Alias Mae Founder and Designer