Introducing ‘Iggy’ the editorial from Chosen By One Day. She takes us on a captivating journey through the harsh and untouched landscape of the Joshua Tree Desert. Iggy, the muse wanders alone, unafraid and unapologetic, the enigma of beauty.

Iggy showcases a carefully curated selection of gowns from Chosen’s most recently released collections. Captivating the imagination as each look is equally unique in concept and design.

Fabric innovation is a fundamental process for the Chosen design team. The breadth of the brands textile development is displayed throughout the editorial. Featuring detailed champagne beading, crisp clean bonded georgette and the newest crushed satin.

Inspired by and graciously named after Ignacia Walton model and muse.

Photographer: @emilyabay_photographer
Assisted by: @nathanlang__
Creative direction: @k.y.h.a
Hair and Makeup: @caseygore_makeup
Models: @ignaciawalton