Shop for Change

You’re doing more good than you may know!


Did you know that $1 dollar from every purchase made on One Day Bridal online goes to our partners at i=Change?

i=Change allows retailers and consumers the choice and the chance to give back with every single purchase. Bit by bit, we’re changing lives all around the world.


“We believe in empowering women through the fashion industry and that all women deserve education and the right to freedom. I hope to inspire women to strive to reach their potential, and to never give up on turning their dreams into their reality.”

– Kyha – One Day Founder & Creative Director


i=Change works with many different causes and empowers brands to choose causes close to their hearts. At One Day, we chose three causes that directly give back to young girls and women who do not have access to many of the privileges and freedoms we experience. When you purchase with us you will be given the choice between the following three causes.

Keep Girls in School 
Stop Child Marriage 
End Violence against Women 


Meet Iequalchange founder, Jeremy Meltzer

An entrepreneur with a hunger for global change, Jeremy Meltzer is the founder and frontier of the organization. With over $1,000,000 raised and counting, it is clear that i=Change is an idea and foundation to watch.

Jeremy was recently interviewed and covered by Vogue Australia.

Follow this link for the interview. 


Shor for Change with your next purchase from One Day Bridal.