The Engagement and The Ring


It’s the start of all of this, your wedding, your One Day. For me, the engagement took me completely by surprise, even when the conversion of planning our lives was a common conversation between Dylan and I. We knew where we wanted to be but I had never really given ‘the engagement’ much thought. Then he caught me completely off guard with a custom designed ring asking me to marry him.

The only thing is, I am not the best person to document how my engagement came about because it was my beautiful Fiancé who planned, created and executed this moment for us and I wanted him (or rather made him) share those details. So forward this one to your man because Dylan is going to share how his experience of designing the ring and keeping it a secret from me.

From pretty early on Steph and I knew what we had was pretty special. Although we had chatted about our future, it always felt like a taboo talking about the engagement and me being old fashioned I did want to keep everything a surprise. That’s the thing about our whole story is that we are both quite traditional in a sense and wanted our story to have that bit of romanticism, surprise and emotion.

I had known I wanted to propose for a while. We had booked a trip to Europe in July and thought this could be the perfect opportunity to propose whilst we were there or propose before and have our holiday as a bit of an ‘engagement-moon’. The first step was probably the hardest, I confided in Steph’s older sister Kyha, who being in the wedding industry was able to point me in the right direction of some ring makers to talk to.

Naomi from Pantelic Jeweles was whom I went with. Naomi and I got on really well and her in depth knowledge of diamonds was incredible and was able to convey this easily in a manner that I could understand. We met up a few times initially as a meet and greet, then again to choose diamonds and decide on the setting. The last time we met was when I picked up the ring.

Marriage to me is something sacred. I am not religious at all but the unity of ‘marriage’ isn’t lost on me. Hopefully you only propose once and I wanted the ring to be unique and represent ‘us.’ I thought creating a unique design would add to the experience and we wouldn’t see it imitated anywhere. Also it can be quiet cost effective to go direct to the source. Retail outlets are just that, a shop front and their prices will have to reflect some overheads and mark ups. This is why I chose to have a ring custom made and designed, I didn’t want the generic Tiffany’s princess cut and I actually asked Kyha for her opinion as her and Steph are super close.

I then did some research, Pinterest was a great help and came across some really cool art deco vintage rings that I thought would work really well. Steph wears a ring of her grandmothers, which is vintage, and I wanted it to compliment that one. Her grandmother’s ring is also a mix of white gold and yellow gold so I knew I wanted to use the same mix.

It sounds super geeky but learning about the diamonds and the illusive ‘4 c’s’ really intrigued me. Naomi explained that depending on the type of diamond you want, different ‘c’s’ take priority, which before going through this process I had no idea about. I was also so surprised at how many people it actually takes to create one ring, the jeweler, polisher, stoner, and setter. So much work goes in to the design I now understand why you pay what you do for a diamond ring!

Now the proposal I found to be a little stressful. This is the one moment that you have been working towards over the last few months and the pressure is a little daunting. It was actually Stephanie’s birthday and we had the penthouse booked at a hotel for the weekend. Again I wanted to propose in a way the represented us, nothing over the top, just her and me. Steph had come back from getting her nails done, which was great timing, and I managed to mumble out the words at which point she turned around and didn’t respond at first. She finally turned back around and said yes!

We had a big family dinner planned that night for Steph’s birthday so we kept it a secret until we had dinner and told our families all at once. It was super hard to pull off but worked out to be a really good night! That night we celebrated as our engagement party which was great.

None of this would have been possible without the help of Naomi from Pantelic Jewellery. She was great to deal with and really helped my money go into the right areas. In comparing stones, she would recommend different options with varying prices that due to the dimensions and my proposed setting would work better than others.

My one piece of advice for those planning to propose is just enjoy it! Despite the cash outlay its actually pretty fun and hopefully she will appreciate the thought and effort you put into it.

Needless to say, I love the ring. It is absolutely perfect and I couldn’t have done it better myself. We also got a sketch of the ring, which is a beautiful memento to have hanging in the house.

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