The first time Kat laid eyes on Bryce, way back on the first day of High School, she said to her friend, “I like that one, I’ll marry him one day”. Seventeen years later with the cutest little boy by their side, Kat and Bryce treated their loved ones to a destination wedding in one of their favourite places, Bali.

BRIDE… Kat Tonks

GROOM… Bryce Tonks

WEDDING DATE… 24.10.15



Bryce and I meet seventeen years ago when we started High School together. On our first day of school in our first science class I remember sitting in the back row when about six boys walked in and sat at the front. When Bryce walked in I turned to a girlfriend and said as a joke “I like that one, I’ll marry him one day”. Little did I know that seventeen years on I would actually be marrying him. It wasn’t until we completed year twelve that we actually made it official but have been together for over ten years.



Bali was the first holiday we ever went on as a couple and we fell in love with it. We have been going there every year since, even attempting to get there twice each year, if we’re lucky.

We wanted a wedding location that suited us, was relaxed-fun-great weather and an amazing atmosphere.

We wanted a destination wedding so that we could get the opportunity to show our closest family and friends why we loved Bali so much. We wanted everyone to have an amazing holiday and be as relaxed as we are when we travel there.



Global Weddings- What can I say, they my day everything I could have ever imagined and more! From my first appointment with them I knew we were going to just click, nothing was ever a problem or too hard. They specialise in Bali Weddings and made me feel so comfortable about the whole wedding planning experience. I think I might actually be one of the only lucky brides to say I really enjoyed the planning and organising of my wedding because they pretty much took care of everything for me!

I wanted a location that would speak for itself, a location that was magical and simple yet stylist. I went for a very plain colour palette of whites and greens through the flowers and my amazing Best Friend and Bridesmaid Alana from Invitations By Alana. Alana created the most

stunning table setting incorporating marble and gold.

I also wanted a statement piece which was the Big B and K over the pool, which was the first thing guests saw when walking through the Villa to the Ceremony.



One Day Bridal – had watched your dresses for over a year before even becoming engaged : )

Global Weddings


The StyleCo



I will always remember the Videographer standing in front of me just before I was to walk out to the ceremony saying “just breathe”… he said “If your feeling flustered/overwhelmed at all throughout the experience just take a big deep breathe in and let it all go, then smile! Enjoy it have fun and just take it all in  – this is your wedding day!”

I couldn’t think of any better advice and truly believe these words helped me throughout my day and made me appreciate every second of the day and night.



We had both said that we wanted a videographer because we wanted someone to be capture the moments for us to be able to look back on in years to come.

We also wanted our guests to experience outstanding service/food and attend a wedding that they would always remember. This was definitely achieved By Global Weddings and the team at Bali Catering.



I actually had decided I didn’t want a Hen’s – I was more than happy to just have a Ladies and Gents Day in Bali when everyone was over there and this is where Bryce and I are most happiest.

On the Wednesday before the wedding we organised a day for the girls and the guys to attend. The boys went to Cocoon Beach Club in Legian and the Girls to KuDeTa in Seminyak. This gave everyone the opportunity to meet each other before the wedding so that there wasn’t that “awkward” greeting when you were seated next to someone that normally you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet and get to know.



CEREMONY & RECEPTION: The Istana – Uluwatu Bali

CELEBRANT: Tracey Bali Bliss Celebrant

PHOTOGRAPHY: Terralogical

VIDEO: Bali Metro Videographer



I was very lucky to have two amazing girlfriends who specialise in hair and make up that travelled over to our wedding as guests who helped me completed my look.



I actually found this the most difficult part of the whole planning process- the shoes! Because I couldn’t have anything with a big heel due to Bryce not being that much taller than me I decided that one a trip to Bali in June before the wedding I would get a company called The Bali Tailor to make me a pair. I organised this through a lady called Leah who set me up with an amazing tailor called Rudy. Rudy and I sat down and went through design options of shoes and then made the heel to a high that would work! This also allowed me to make the shoes and comfortable as I wanted added extra padding and creating a heel that would work walking on grass.



I had three Bridesmaids and had my eye on the styles of dresses from Zimmerman. I was lucky enough to find a dress in a colour that would work well with what the boys would be wearing. The colour was called Moonstone.

We actually adjusted these dresses by taking some of the material off the bottom of the dresses to make them shortened and then used this material to create straps.



The boys and my spunky little two year old son, were dressed by Politix (Jackets and shirts) and then The Bali Tailor over in Bali processed there pants/shorts and also made the adjustments on their shirts making them short sleeved. The Tailor also made my son’s shoes, which I was hold on for forever! (They were so cute)



I had followed the StyleCo and kept an eye on previous weddings Global Weddings had styled and knew I wanted a very simple, crisp, elegant look.

My bouquets were made up of white roses, baby roses, white lisianthus with some greenery. The table settings had a vintage theme with three vases of flowers per table made up of green hydrangea, white lisianthus, white rose and amimajus and leaf accompanied with tea light’s scattered and gold motives.



I always thought that if I surrounded myself with positive, like minded people that the process of organising a wedding would be fun. I have/had seen too many girls stress over their wedding day and the planning and lose sight of the main reason they were actually doing it in the first place.

There is no right or wrong when organising a wedding, stay true to yourself as a couple and do things the way that you want to do them. At the end of the day it is a celebration of the love you both share and this should be a representation and reflexion of your relationship and the people you are on the day.