Posey • A Bespoke One Day Bride


Posey knew exactly what she wanted when she walked into the doors at One Day Bridal. With a vision of a floating skirt and delicate details this bride worked with our team to create a custom designed wedding gown that was unlike anything she had seen before. As we worked through Posey’s vision what evolved from that initial planning consultation turned out to be exactly what she had dreamed of.

Posey and Mark created a fun filled wedding that celebrated their love for one another and at the end of the day, was really just a big party, which was precisely what they wanted!

BRIDE: Posey Emma Harris

GROOM: Marc Peter Broomhall

WEDDING DATE: 27th Dec 2015


Marc was a School Teacher then and I was a nanny picking kids up from school. The kids had to introduce me to their favourite teacher “Mr B”. We talked for 2 seconds and I didn’t think about him again. Marc bugged the parents for my number for eight months then finally he came in for haircut where I was doing my apprenticeship and then we went on our first date.

I love Christmas and when Marc proposed on Christmas Eve as we were walking to see my mum, I was completely shocked! It was amazing to be able to tell my whole family in person the next day and my bridesmaid in London who we were going to visit a week later. This set the theme of a near Christmas wedding the following year.


We love the city it and it was where we had out first date and where we choose to go for dinks and dinner whenever we have the chance. We wanted a roof top venue where we could have both the ceremony and reception, nothing to old or to modern. I wanted to be able to add whatever I wanted to the space to make it feel like us. We saw the GPO building; Alto Events space and we fell in love. It was the only place we looked at.


We knew if we picked the GPO building you would have to soften the space with lots of different elements. We didn’t have an actual stylist but our very good friend and Marc’s cousin owns Pash Flowers in Brighton. They helped me put all my ideas in to reality. Sally did the flower side of things and Megan gave me a hand with ordering the signs and balloons. We wanted it to feel intimate and traditional for the ceremony and playful and fun for the reception. The bright colours of the roses that FILLED the tables and the hanging green centrepiece softened the space and the balloons, signs, Dolls house as the wishing well along with the candy buffet for desert made if playful.


The best bit of advice I got and trust me there was lots, was don’t get stressed it’s just a big party and as long and you and Marc are happy that’s all that matters. And don’t just pull the bouquet out of the box you will drip water everywhere!


My dress! I knew if I loved my dress and felt amazing the day would be perfect no matter what. I wanted to be comfortable and be able to wear it all night! Our big non-negotiable was having lots of fun with all our friends and family. We planned two big after parties so it didn’t just end with us leaving and I wanted to have my dress on the whole time. It was so comfortable and easy to wear, I could have slept in it.


My maid of honour planed a beautiful day at Stakes Day at Flemington races. It was great I was able to have my mum, aunties and all of my friends as well. Of course we all went out after with out the oldies but the day was beautiful.


CEREMONY: GPO, Alto Events Space

CELEBRANT: Rev: Kate Proud – St Stevens Church Brighton

PHOTOGRAPHY Ninnie Photography by Crystal Hohmuth  

Crystal is a friend of mine from school and I had seen her work on my other friend’s wedding and love how relaxed she was and how I felt like she wasn’t there. We only did ten minutes of separate photos and the rest was as the night went on.


I knew for a year that I wanted One Day Bridal to do my dress and new exactly what type of dress I wanted, but thought I better look around before I went in to see the girls. I had heaps of appointments made and kept cancelling them, finally Mum and I went to one and I hated it so much I almost cried. The next day I went to One Day and Mum and I just felt so comfortable and welcome and that was it. We loved the rest of our experience doing the fittings. It was some of the nicest moments I shared with mum throughout the wedding.


Make Up: Jade Kisnorbo

Hair: Harpo Hair – Brighton


Because you could see my shoes I wanted plain and simple so I went with the Christian Louboutin but of course they weren’t the most comfortable and I knew I would be in them for a long time so I also had my back up Kate Spade Glitter runners. I put them on at 9.00pm I was more excited with my runners then my heels.


I had 2 bridesmaids who couldn’t have completely different body shapes. Eliza’s we got from Alanna Hill on sale it was the only dress we tried on and it was perfect for her. Cat lives in London so it was a bit harder and we decided to get hers made. We had it made at Vintage Rose in Brighton.

GROOMSMEN: The boys had custom suits and shirts made at Oscar Hunt, Wallets from Jack Spade, Socks by Jimmysocks and Bow ties by Browns Bows.

FLOWERS: Pash Flowers

Roses en masse, 3000 roses were used to create a bright, full and colourful floral setting running the entire length of the two long rectangular guest tables and the filling the ceremony and bar areas with colour. Posey carried a traditional large Dome Bouquet of fragrant and fluffy white Amy Lou roses whilst the Bridesmaids carried Hot Pink Rose bouquets carrying through the bright floral theme. Suspended from the ceiling we created a 6 meter-hanging garland of foliage including Spruce, Hydrangea Foliage, Trailing Ivy, Green Beech and Privet between the two guest tables which hung low over the tables creating an intimate environment in the vast industrial space.


Be as organized as you can, if you love it book it and don’t give yourself too many options, don’t stress at the end of the day it’s just a big party where you are marring the man you love and that’s all anyone cares about.