BRIDE… Randi

GROOM… Dylan

WEDDING DATE… July 8, 2016


I was born and raised in America and after my first year of uni I decided to do a program called Study Abroad and study overseas for a year. I always wanted to go to Australia and happened to have met 3 guys from Townsville prior so thought it would be good to go somewhere with familiar faces. So in July 2009 I packed up my things and moved to Townsville, Australia for what I thought would be a year. Little did I know I would end up staying for good. My first weekend there I met up with one of the guys I knew and happened to meet Dylan (his best friend). We got along so well and from then on we spent a lot of time together. We both knew early on that this would be a forever thing. 5 years later Dylan surprised me and got down on one knee and proposed on a weekend away in Hamilton Island. I couldn’t have been happier!

CEREMONY + RECEPTION: Olowalu Plantation House

We got married in Maui, Hawaii. I always knew we would get married in Hawaii as it is relatively halfway between both of our families, which made it convenient. It was just a bonus that we both love Islands and Maui is one of the most beautiful places we have ever been. We had an amazing wedding planner (Lena from Belle Destination Weddings and Events) who gave us a list of recommended venues. I did a lot of research and fell in love with Olowalu Plantation House. It was right next to the beach but yet still had a rustic like vibe that we wanted.


We wanted our wedding to have a very romantic feel. We used lots of berry tones as well as neutral colors such as blush, ivory and champagne. We also incorporated a lot of beautiful greenery and gold. The lit candles and bistro string lighting were a really nice touch. I was also really particular in the fact that even though we were getting married in Hawaii near the beach I didn’t want it to have any sort of beach theme. Our wedding planner was amazing. I would send her picture after picture of ideas and visions I had and she put them all together exactly how I dreamed (even better)!


We used Mandy Grace Designs as our florist. We had beautiful large open blooms of roses and peonies in bold berry hues as well as astranatia, hellebore and spirea. All the flowers were incredible. Mandy was amazing! The flowers were probably one of my favourite parts of our wedding and I wish we could have saved them forever.



We used Tamiz Photography. A lot of my wedding planners Instagram photos were taken by Tamiz and they are all incredible. I never even looked at any other photographer as I knew they were the ones I wanted. That was actually the first vendor we booked, even before the venue! They were AMAZING on the day and I am obsessed with every picture they took.


We used Sunlit Films. My wedding planner also sent a list of videographers. We watched videos on all of the sites she had sent and they were all so great but Sunlit Films really caught my eye. I am so happy we chose them. They were so fun and easy to get along with and their work is amazing!


I had always known that I wanted a dress with long sleeves and lace and if it had a pretty back then that would be a bonus! I never looked in Townsville for dresses because I thought it would be fun to make a trip out of it. I was lucky that one of my best friends would come along. I had randomly found One Day Bridal on Instragram and couldn’t help but notice all of their amazing dresses that were just my style! I made an appointment and I’m so happy I did. It was my fist appointment of the day and I saw the most amazing dress in the window as we were walking in and had to try it on. It was the first dress I tried on and I instantly fell in love. I of course had to try on other dresses (so many beautiful ones) but I couldn’t stop thinking of this dress. I had 2 other appointments after which I went to but couldn’t focus because I still couldn’t stop thinking of this dress. I called Steph at One Day Bridal and asked if I could try the dress back on. I went back that same afternoon and bought the dress! Who knew that the very first dress would be exactly what I wanted and the dress that I would buy. I wish I could wear it everyday!


We had our hair and makeup done by the girls at Meili Autmn Beauty. We had Randall do our makeup and Suzie and Kaylin do our hair. They did an amazing job! We all loved our hair and make up and would recommend them to EVERYONE!


I got my shoes from Grace Loves Lace. I found them on Instagram and had to have them! There wasn’t a specific style I really was after but I knew I wanted to be reasonably comfortable. They were perfect.


I had five bridesmaids. My sister and four best friends. We got their dresses from For the Love of Grace. I knew I wanted them to be a neutral colour so we chose champaign and they all wore lace dresses that complimented my dress, each a different style.


The boys wore suits from Country Road. Their bow ties were from a shop on Etsy called Dance Chickens Dance.


My non negotiable for the day was our arch. I dreamt of this arch for so long and there were a few times Dylan would try and convince me we didn’t need it (to cut back costs). It ended up being the most beautiful arch I could have asked for and couldn’t be any more thrilled when I first saw it.


The best advice I was given (from so many people) was get a videographer! We spent a lot of time contemplating whether we would or not as the total cost of our wedding was really adding up. I couldn’t be happier with our decision of getting one! Even the day of the wedding I kept thinking about how happy I was that the best day of our lives would be on film for us to watch over and over and to be able to share it with our kids one day.

Enjoy every minute of it! Including the planning process. I would have to say the same thing everyone told me, if you are thinking of having a videographer do it! You will want to relive your wedding day over and over and videos do an amazing job of that!