Sphere Collective is the latest bridal destination to hit the Sunshine Coast in QLD, stocking gowns from our Chosen and One Day Labels along with other leading Australian Bridal designers. Established in 2016, Sphere brings the latest fashions and trends for the modern day bride. We interviewed Sarah Lucas from Sphere Collective to find out how she sets herself out from the rest in the bridal world.


Tell us about your boutique!

Sphere Collective is a private modern boutique. It’s just myself that works one on one with all our brides. Each bride gets the whole boutique to themselves and we try everything on! I always encourage my brides to enjoy the moment and try all sorts of styles on until we come across the one for them.

Behind the scenes we have a small team that helps with admin, graphics and marketing.

We pride ourselves on having a smaller team and working really closely with all our brides. We love that the process is intimate.

Describe your bride in 3 words.

Modern, stylish and glowing

What the best advice that you give your brides?

Be conscious of trends but also be mindful of what silhouettes flatter and work on you. Keep a open mind, you can mix and match styles and ideas to create a unique look. We often add a detachable skirt or train, or tweak your gown in your alterations process to slightly modify it to be your own look.

What sets your boutique out from the rest?

We are a less traditional store offering a modern approach to bridal. We have a range of bridal gowns but we work closely with brides offering fashion styling advice, mixing modern day fashion and bridal fashion to complete their looks. Our boutique is small and intimate and we only ever see one bride at a time. It makes the experience so much more special.

What are your brides loving at the moment?

Low backs and sexy silhouettes

What is your favourite look this season?

Splits, I love a cheeky leg split.

What One Day gown would you wear on your wedding day?

Callie skirt and top. I love the texture and fullness of the skirt yet it still falls beautifully down your hips and the silk cami midrift is super sexy but it all comes together to be a elegant look.

What is your best styling advice for brides on their wedding day?

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Relax and enjoy the day. Stick to the look you have created with your stylist and enjoy putting it all together. Also, minimal underwear- if your dress allows it, wear minimal underwear so there are no straps or underwear lines showing.

What are your styling “no no’s” for brides?

Shape wear underwear. Don’t do it! Even if you think you need the underwear to suck you in, it just adds a extra layer that sits funny against your gown and pushes pockets of skin to areas we don’t want it. Your gown will sit much better just against your  body and skin. We can always find the perfect gown for you that will fit firmly and make you feel secure confident and sexy with out “suck me in underwear” .

The Shoes – to go for comfort or wow factor?

Wow factor – after a few drinks you can’t feel the pain any way 😉

How can brides add the ‘wow factor’ with accessories? (i.e. A Jacket, a detachable skirt, the shoes, etc)

I always suggest to invest in a beautiful pair of earrings or jewellery piece… Something extra special that will make a statement on your wedding day but also a special piece you will keep forever and wear on special occasions.

What is the most common styling mistake you see brides make?

Too much eye makeup. Unless you wear heavy make up a lot- keep it nice and soft and just highlight your natural beauty so you still look like you.

What is your personal preference?

Modern or traditional: Modern

Lace or embellishment: Embellishment

Classic White gown or some colour? White/Ivory

To have two dresses or stick with the one? Two

Veil or no Veil? Depends on the dress but Veil

Tall, Dark & Handsome or Blonde & Cheeky? Dark and Handsome

Dramatic or Classic: Classic


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