5 Creative Engagement Ring Ideas for Your Special Someone

Engagement rings are always special and important, but they don’t have to be boring. You can show your special someone how much you love them by finding an engagement ring as unique as they are. There are many ways to stray from tradition while keeping the ring elegant and beautiful. Here are five ideas for engagement rings as unique as your relationship:

  1. Nontraditional Stone

Traditionally many engagement rings are set with diamonds, but why not break from tradition and use a stone that means something to you and your special someone? A ring set with a partner’s birthstone is perfect for a nontraditional ring that also has a special meaning. Ruby, aquamarine, sapphire, emerald, and more are each associated with a month of the year, and would add a pop of color to an already beautiful ring.

A nontraditional stone can also be chosen for the uniqueness of color. A ring set with a precious stone in a partner’s favorite color can show both the uniqueness of your relationship as well as showing your partner you remembered a color they love.

Some stones, such as opal, are not cut in the same ways as traditional gems, but they have a fire and brilliance that can add to any engagement ring and create a unique work of art that your partner will love.

  1. Unconventional Material

Rings made of unconventional metals can be a unique way to show some personality in your engagement ring. Titanium, for example, isn’t traditionally used in engagement rings but it can be used as a way of showcasing a different and unique color within the metal due to the fact that it can be transformed into several different colors including a dark black and a stunning iridescent purple.

Along with nontraditional metals, rings made of other materials have also increased in popularity. Wooden rings have an earthy and light feel for the couple that is in touch with nature. These rings can be a stunning alternative to metal and while they would not necessarily be set with any stones, they can have designs carved into them that are reminiscent of the ethereal beauty of fantasy.

  1. Vintage Flavor

Vintage jewellery is another unique way to approach an engagement ring. A vintage find from a jewellery store can be a lens into some beautiful and unique jewellery in styles that just aren’t made anymore. On the other hand, a vintage ring passed down from someone special can be a beautiful way of showing your partner how much they mean to you. Vintage rings are extremely unique and you know your partner’s ring will be one of a kind.

  1. Unusual Stone Shape

Both diamonds and nontraditional stones can be cut into unusual shapes to create a stunning engagement ring. A stone in a triangle cut, for example, is a simple way of adding personality to a beautiful ring and a stunning stone.

Along with a triangle cut, other unique cuts of stone include heart, shield, baguette, petal cut, and many many more. Stones such as opals and star sapphires can be cut into a cabochon shape, which showcase the beauty of these stones by perfectly rounding the surface. Shape is a fantastic way to incorporate your partner’s unique personality into their engagement ring.

  1. Band Full of Personality

The band of a ring can be transformed into many different styles and are an excellent way to add a lot of personality to an engagement ring. A lover of nature might appreciate a band of delicate gold leaves, for example. For those who would rather not have a single set stone, an inlay within the band can be the perfect way to add personality as well as a dynamic pop of color and pattern.

Showing love and personality through an engagement ring can be the perfect way to show your partner how much you love and care about them. Choosing an engagement ring as unique as they are will make a lasting impression and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Author Bio – Since young, Bobby has developed a fascination for diamond and coloured stones. The content of his blog posts are very practical and informative for diamond engagement ring shoppers. As an avid traveller, he also writes regularly on topics like the latest jewellery trends at Charles Rose Jewellers and around the world along with the interesting stuff he finds in his travels. His posts are clever and fun to read.

Image Source: All images have been sourced from Pinterest.