One Day’s Favourite Seating Chart Ideas


On the search for a unique way to display your seating arrangements to guests? Are you over easels and other DIY options? So are we.

One Day Bridal has picked a few of some of the coolest seating charts going around to inspire and delight you.

  1. Modern Perspex

This is super cool for those modern weddings with minimal styling and clean lines. I love how discrete the chart is but it’s still a beautiful feature.

Wedding featured on Once Wed

  1. Pressed Flowers

When I first saw this beautiful seating chart by Nomad Styling I was amazed at how beautiful it looked and what a wonderful idea it was, along with everyone else who saw it too!

Seating Chart by Nomad Styling + Katie Marx

  1. No easel’s aloud

There are many reasons we love the girls at The Style Co but one that’s relevant to this topic is their styling rule ‘NO EASLES’. This makes way for some pretty spectacular and exciting ideas on how to display your table arrangements.

Our friends at Georgeous Occasions have also created some beautiful seating charts without the use of an easel.

We hope this has inspired you to look at new ways to display the seating arrangements you spent so long preparing. Make your seating chart a feature!

Images via Once Wed, Nomad Styling + Katie Marx, Enchanted Weddings, The Style Co